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  1. Have you read that book _______ the life of Van Gogh?

  2. Advertising positions on employment websites can generate a lot of _______ from potential candidates.

  3. The company's _____ should be explained to a new employee so that he/she understands the different lines of authority within the firm.

  4. If we take a look at the company's _____ we can clearly see all current business operations and the state of affairs.

  5. We'll have to _____ some extra temporary labour if we want to maintain the same rate of production over the summer period.

  6. The goal of the application is to obtain a personal interview, so do not provide any ________ information.

  7. The team meeting has been _____ until the end of the month due to the terrible weather conditions.

  8. Time's running short. Shall we move on to the next item in today’s _____?

  9. Questions should be answered ________, but complete answers need not necessarily be given.

  10. Can we _____ of overtime at next week's meeting as I would really like the Human Resources Manager to be present.

  11. We are very luck to have a _____ boss who is very close to his team and always ready to get involved if need be.

  12. Fabrice had _____ on three key points in the contract, otherwise he would have lost the deal to our competitor.

  13. I appreciate my staff being _____ and dealing with problems by themselves.

  14. The _____ is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

  15. _____ are used to evaluate employee performance and to give positive feedback as well as areas to improve.

  16. Bicycle breaks for children are a _____.

  17. She _____ for this position because she is very interested in working for the market leader in innovation.

  18. During annual performance appraisals with employees, we always _____ for the oncoming year as well as reviewing targets achieved this year.

  19. A _____ is a difficult time for the economy of a country, when there is less business activity.

  20. Industry- _______, or niche, employment websites are proliferating as places for companies to locate qualified personnel.

  21. Acceptable _____ make use of legal loopholes or tax breaks which encourage certain types of economic behavior. Companies are generally searching for means to reduce the amount they pay to the state.

  22. A good manager must be able to effectively _____ tasks amongst his/her team.

  23. One method used for recruiting is _____ a position on the internet.

  24. Despite the rising euro and falling sales, Compex's profits did not _____ significantly.

  25. An effective _____ system is not especially difficult for a trained HR manager, however it can be extremely time consuming.