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  1. She _____ for this position because she is very interested in working for the market leader in innovation.

  2. Commercials often use catchy _____ to hook the audience.

  3. I'm delighted to say that we're bang on schedule with the new concept. R

  4. A good manager must be able to effectively _____ tasks amongst his/her team.

  5. Questions should be answered ________, but complete answers need not necessarily be given.

  6. She is very happy because she starts her new _______ today.

  7. The application is a key marketing tool for the applicant in the job ________ process.

  8. It would be bad _____ to revalue our currency at this particular time.

  9. Marketing influences _____ to choose a certain product instead of another.

  10. Coca Cola is the _____ in the soft drink field.

  11. _____ is the tendency to always buy a particular brand.

  12. He must have a lot of money because this summer he is going on a cruise _______ the world.

  13. Benetton did a shocking _____ which created a lot of buzz.

  14. The application form should be filled out as ________ as possible; it reflects the applicant's nature.

  15. The company has _____ because they went bankrupt.

  16. A general manager has to _____ all the company's operations so he/she needs to be aware of what's going on in each department.

  17. It is important that _____ are clearly stated so that the employee knows what criteria he or she will be evaluated on.

  18. I'm so busy _____ in other departments that I'm not making any headway at all with my own objectives.

  19. How much _____ are you legally required to give to your current employer before leaving your job?

  20. The company's _____ should be explained to a new employee so that he/she understands the different lines of authority within the firm.

  21. A _____ is money that one person, organisation or coutry owes to another.

  22. It is important for me to hold the bond for at least two years or _____ so that I get an 8.35% return rate.

  23. The creation of Virgin Cola, Virgin Air, Virgin Rail and Virgin Bride is an example of brand _____.

  24. David Beckham advertising Vodafone is an example of product _____.

  25. Most firms have a specific _____ to follow when recruiting new staff, including interviews with various members of management and aptitude tests for potential candidates.