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  1. Let's _____ a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting before we all get booked up with other commitments.

  2. In the absence of the Managing Director, I'm going to _____ today's board meeting, unless anybody has any objections.

  3. The application form should be considered the applicant's first test in ________ directions.

  4. Niche sites present a large _______ of qualified job-seekers.

  5. Changing the identity of your product in reference to the competition's product is _____.

  6. While the stock market has had dramatics losses recently, the _____ still remains positive.

  7. We're currently working on several different systems. The new communications tower is just one example of the many projects _____.

  8. Although the General Manager doesn't always _____ with our ideas, he always trusts our expert knowledge and experience, and lets us get on with our jobs.

  9. Benetton did a shocking _____ which created a lot of buzz.

  10. The creation of Virgin Cola, Virgin Air, Virgin Rail and Virgin Bride is an example of brand _____.

  11. Not enough people recognise our logo ; we need to spend a lot more on raising _____.

  12. David Beckham advertising Vodafone is an example of product _____.

  13. Susan's skills and performance will put her on a _____ to a higher management position within a short period of time.

  14. The _____ is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

  15. The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the _____ I showed them.

  16. Repeated buying of a product and positive word of mouth are examples of _____.

  17. Specific salary limits should never be indicated on the application; just write "open" or " ________ ".

  18. I'm so busy _____ in other departments that I'm not making any headway at all with my own objectives.

  19. The application form should be filled out as ________ as possible; it reflects the applicant's nature.

  20. The salary is lower than the national average, however there are several _____ including a company car and a company beach house which is available to all employees.

  21. _____ is both brand recognition and brand recall.

  22. The internet, in comparison to other advertising media, gives its users a broader _______.

  23. I'm delighted to say that we're bang on schedule with the new concept. R

  24. Money given back at the end of the financial year is called _____.

  25. Acceptable _____ make use of legal loopholes or tax breaks which encourage certain types of economic behavior. Companies are generally searching for means to reduce the amount they pay to the state.