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  1. The application form should be filled out as ________ as possible; it reflects the applicant's nature.

  2. Experts forecast that the _____ of living will decrease slightly next year.

  3. The application form is used by companies as a means of ________ basic information from all applicants.

  4. Long and complicated tasks should be broken down into smaller parts with regular _____ to enable the project to be reviewed during its progress.

  5. The _____ is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

  6. We're going to have to speed up production. The absolute _____ is in 4 days time. After that, it's too late.

  7. It would be bad _____ to revalue our currency at this particular time.

  8. If we take a look at the company's _____ we can clearly see all current business operations and the state of affairs.

  9. "Why don't we _____ an initial draft of the contract now and we can then clarify any ""grey areas"" once the key elements have been agreed. "

  10. The company has _____ because they went bankrupt.

  11. The internet produces results faster and more cheaply than other _______ advertising media.

  12. One method used for recruiting is _____ a position on the internet.

  13. After a lot of research, Paul is now ready to present a detailed _____ of the situation.

  14. Since the company has been in financial difficulty, we have received several _____ which is causing some concern among our employees who fear the company will be sold.

  15. Bicycle breaks for children are a _____.

  16. She is very happy because she starts her new _______ today.

  17. Companies utilize the application as a ________ for deciding whether to interview the applicant.

  18. Companies these days look at internet job advertising as an _______ part of their staffing efforts.

  19. We can't depend on just one type of product to be successful. We need to _____ into other areas.

  20. The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the _____ I showed them.

  21. Changing the identity of your product in reference to the competition's product is _____.

  22. _____ techniques are commonly used in modern companies to reduce managers' stress and workload.

  23. It is important for me to hold the bond for at least two years or _____ so that I get an 8.35% return rate.

  24. Susan's skills and performance will put her on a _____ to a higher management position within a short period of time.

  25. _____ is both brand recognition and brand recall.