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  1. The creation of Virgin Cola, Virgin Air, Virgin Rail and Virgin Bride is an example of brand _____.

  2. The application form should be filled out as ________ as possible; it reflects the applicant's nature.

  3. A _____ is a difficult time for the economy of a country, when there is less business activity.

  4. During annual performance appraisals with employees, we always _____ for the oncoming year as well as reviewing targets achieved this year.

  5. Most firms have a specific _____ to follow when recruiting new staff, including interviews with various members of management and aptitude tests for potential candidates.

  6. Let's _____ a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting before we all get booked up with other commitments.

  7. He must have a lot of money because this summer he is going on a cruise _______ the world.

  8. On the form, answers should be ________ to the specific position for which the person is applying.

  9. "Why don't we _____ an initial draft of the contract now and we can then clarify any ""grey areas"" once the key elements have been agreed. "

  10. Companies these days look at internet job advertising as an _______ part of their staffing efforts.

  11. One method in a _____ is a proxy fight, in which a buyer tries to convince shareholders to vote out current management or board of directors and replace them with one which will accept the sale.

  12. Marketing influences _____ to choose a certain product instead of another.

  13. Since the company has been in financial difficulty, we have received several _____ which is causing some concern among our employees who fear the company will be sold.

  14. How much _____ are you legally required to give to your current employer before leaving your job?

  15. Fabrice had _____ on three key points in the contract, otherwise he would have lost the deal to our competitor.

  16. The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the _____ I showed them.

  17. Money given back at the end of the financial year is called _____.

  18. It is very important to have a diversified financial _____,so as all your eggs are not in one basket.

  19. Money that a company, organisation or government receives from people is called _____.

  20. The internet, in comparison to other advertising media, gives its users a broader _______.

  21. Bicycle breaks for children are a _____.

  22. The _____ is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

  23. Niche sites often include job postings, comparative salary scales, curriculum vitae databases, and ________

  24. A good manager must be able to effectively _____ tasks amongst his/her team.

  25. _____ is both brand recognition and brand recall.