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  1. We're currently working on several different systems. The new communications tower is just one example of the many projects _____.

  2. The company's _____ should be explained to a new employee so that he/she understands the different lines of authority within the firm.

  3. I'm so busy _____ in other departments that I'm not making any headway at all with my own objectives.

  4. Since the company has been in financial difficulty, we have received several _____ which is causing some concern among our employees who fear the company will be sold.

  5. _____ is the fact of decreasing or freezing the price of goods or services in order to gain an advantage over competitors.

  6. In order to grow we will focus our existing products in new markets, this is _____.

  7. Questions should be answered ________, but complete answers need not necessarily be given.

  8. Can we _____ of overtime at next week's meeting as I would really like the Human Resources Manager to be present.

  9. Companies utilize the application as a ________ for deciding whether to interview the applicant.

  10. The application form is used by companies as a means of ________ basic information from all applicants.

  11. _____ is both brand recognition and brand recall.

  12. If you are willing to take an enormous risk for loss but with a chance for huge gains, you should consider _____.

  13. David Beckham advertising Vodafone is an example of product _____.

  14. The company has _____ because they went bankrupt.

  15. She is very happy because she starts her new _______ today.

  16. Despite the amendments to working conditions being somewhat negative, they were accepted across the board due to tactful _____.

  17. A _____ is a difficult time for the economy of a country, when there is less business activity.

  18. The goal of the application is to obtain a personal interview, so do not provide any ________ information.

  19. The application is a key marketing tool for the applicant in the job ________ process.

  20. Marketing influences _____ to choose a certain product instead of another.

  21. A _____ is a place where a company's shares are bought and sold.

  22. Long and complicated tasks should be broken down into smaller parts with regular _____ to enable the project to be reviewed during its progress.

  23. One method in a _____ is a proxy fight, in which a buyer tries to convince shareholders to vote out current management or board of directors and replace them with one which will accept the sale.

  24. Despite the rising euro and falling sales, Compex's profits did not _____ significantly.

  25. In the absence of the Managing Director, I'm going to _____ today's board meeting, unless anybody has any objections.