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  1. Specific salary limits should never be indicated on the application; just write "open" or " ________ ".

  2. I like to visit other countries but I find the _______ of travel is too high.

  3. The application form should be filled out as ________ as possible; it reflects the applicant's nature.

  4. Finance charges of twelve percent will _____ on the purchase from the beginning of the first unpaid credit bill.

  5. Companies utilize the application as a ________ for deciding whether to interview the applicant.

  6. No ________ should be left on the form; for questions that are irrelevant, write "not applicable" ("n/a").

  7. The _____ is the part of the profits of a company that is paid to shareholders for each share that they own.

  8. "Why don't we _____ an initial draft of the contract now and we can then clarify any ""grey areas"" once the key elements have been agreed. "

  9. Can we _____ of overtime at next week's meeting as I would really like the Human Resources Manager to be present.

  10. During annual performance appraisals with employees, we always _____ for the oncoming year as well as reviewing targets achieved this year.

  11. It would be bad _____ to revalue our currency at this particular time.

  12. Commercials often use catchy _____ to hook the audience.

  13. Despite the rising euro and falling sales, Compex's profits did not _____ significantly.

  14. A _____ is a difficult time for the economy of a country, when there is less business activity.

  15. Susan's skills and performance will put her on a _____ to a higher management position within a short period of time.

  16. One method used for recruiting is _____ a position on the internet.

  17. But general sites often produce an insufficient number of qualified applicants, making the process relatively time _______ for the results seen.

  18. Let's _____ a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting before we all get booked up with other commitments.

  19. The internet produces results faster and more cheaply than other _______ advertising media.

  20. She _____ for this position because she is very interested in working for the market leader in innovation.

  21. Changing the identity of your product in reference to the competition's product is _____.

  22. We're going to have to speed up production. The absolute _____ is in 4 days time. After that, it's too late.

  23. _____ are used to evaluate employee performance and to give positive feedback as well as areas to improve.

  24. Have you read that book _______ the life of Van Gogh?

  25. _____ techniques are commonly used in modern companies to reduce managers' stress and workload.