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  1. The application is a key marketing tool for the applicant in the job ________ process.

  2. How much _____ are you legally required to give to your current employer before leaving your job?

  3. A _____ is one of the parts into which ownership of a company is divided.

  4. We're currently working on several different systems. The new communications tower is just one example of the many projects _____.

  5. Buyers can obtain protection against rising prices and sellers can obtain protection against declining prices by using the _____.

  6. She _____ for this position because she is very interested in working for the market leader in innovation.

  7. One method in a _____ is a proxy fight, in which a buyer tries to convince shareholders to vote out current management or board of directors and replace them with one which will accept the sale.

  8. Most firms have a specific _____ to follow when recruiting new staff, including interviews with various members of management and aptitude tests for potential candidates.

  9. Coca Cola is the _____ in the soft drink field.

  10. By owning two hundred _____ of Smith Industries it gives me the right to vote on important company matters, including the board of directors.

  11. If we take a look at the company's _____ we can clearly see all current business operations and the state of affairs.

  12. Bicycle breaks for children are a _____.

  13. If you are willing to take an enormous risk for loss but with a chance for huge gains, you should consider _____.

  14. David Beckham advertising Vodafone is an example of product _____.

  15. Fabrice had _____ on three key points in the contract, otherwise he would have lost the deal to our competitor.

  16. Although the General Manager doesn't always _____ with our ideas, he always trusts our expert knowledge and experience, and lets us get on with our jobs.

  17. A _____ is money that one person, organisation or coutry owes to another.

  18. Susan's skills and performance will put her on a _____ to a higher management position within a short period of time.

  19. I like to visit other countries but I find the _______ of travel is too high.

  20. Advertising positions on employment websites can generate a lot of _______ from potential candidates.

  21. The company has _____ because they went bankrupt.

  22. Let's _____ a date in our diaries for the next monthly meeting before we all get booked up with other commitments.

  23. We can't depend on just one type of product to be successful. We need to _____ into other areas.

  24. Not enough people recognise our logo ; we need to spend a lot more on raising _____.

  25. The bank refused to lend me any money because they weren't convinced by the _____ I showed them.