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ILC Tunisie vous donne la possibilité de tester votre niveau d'Anglais de façon ludique. Pour une évaluation complète de votre niveau n'hésitez pas à contacter notre centre.

Nous invitons les personnes ayant obtenu plus de 80% à ce test à s'attaquer aux tests Business.

  1. It was a great party last night. You _____ come. Why didn't you go?

  2. They do not ________ cheques in that restaurant.

  3. Ann is in hospital. Yes I know _____ her tomorrow.

  4. _____ this week ? No, she is on holiday.

  5. Well, not that often but there are things that completely ________ me.

  6. It's late. It's time _____ home.

  7. I _____ television a lot but I don't anymore.

  8. The fire spread through the building quikly but everybody _____.

  9. The man sitting next to me on the plane was nervous because he _____ before.

  10. I don't understand this sentence. What _____?

  11. That bag looks heavy _____ you with it.

  12. What sort of things do you have in ________ ?

  13. What is wrong with you ? why _____ go to hospital?

  14. Yes, I know what you mean that's when you'd like to smash it to ________

  15. You can see the ________ about the sale in the local paper.

  16. Do you mean it drives you up the ________ ?

  17. How are you getting on ________ your new computer?

  18. Ian _____ in Scotland for 10 years. Now he lives in London.

  19. The phone is ringing . It _____ be Tim.

  20. I've lost one of my gloves. I _____ it somewhere.

  21. Sally has been working here _____.

  22. And just think of all the _______ you get from having one.

  23. We are good friend. We _____ each other for a long time.

  24. Never mind, most of the time it behaves like a little ________

  25. Take an umbrella with you when you go out. It _____ rain later.